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About Us

Untapped Solutions, evolved from ConConnect, is a dynamic platform connecting NGOs, employers, and marginalized individuals, including the formerly incarcerated and homeless. Our CRM system enhances client management, while our job board connects employers with diverse talent. Additionally, we offer a professional networking app for the untapped community, facilitating access to essential services and opportunities for growth. Our mission is to drive self-sufficiency, reduce recidivism, and promote inclusivity, shaping a society where everyone has the chance to succeed.


 Our mission statement.

Untapped Solutions is dedicated to delivering innovative technology that unlocks the potential of individuals in underserved communities. Our mission is to empower not only these individuals but also to advance NGOs and employers through cutting-edge solutions. We aim to connect people with essential resources, opportunities, and support, focusing on the marginalized, including the formerly incarcerated and homeless. By bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, we strive to cultivate self-sufficiency, resilience, and foster a more inclusive, equitable society.

The Problem We're Solving:

Employment Access for Marginalized Communities: Addressing the critical need for accessible, meaningful employment opportunities for traditionally underserved groups, including the formerly incarcerated, the homeless, and BIPOC individuals, by connecting them with progressive employers.

Modernization of Social Service Delivery: Transforming the landscape of social services with advanced technological solutions that streamline case management, enhance service delivery, and enable effective impact tracking for a more responsive and impactful social sector.

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Meet Our Founder

Andre Peart Headshot

Andre Peart

CEO / President

Andre Peart, the founder of Untapped Solutions, is an innovative entrepreneur with a personal journey that deeply informs his mission. Overcoming the challenges of his past, including incarceration, Peart channeled his experiences into creating Untapped Solutions. This platform reflects his dedication to empowering marginalized communities by connecting them with employment opportunities and enhancing social service delivery through technology. His vision and leadership have been pivotal in driving the company's growth, making Untapped Solutions a key player in fostering inclusive employment and modernizing social services.