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Justice Solutions

Justice Solutions is an innovative platform tailored for legal aides and public defenders, designed to enhance legal advocacy efficiency. This powerful tool enables users to generate comprehensive reports, find employment and service opportunities for clients, and track program progress effectively. With features like automated reporting, case management, and job navigation, Justice Solutions is pivotal in improving client outcomes, reducing sentences, and preventing arrests, making it an essential asset for legal professionals dedicated to justice.

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Why We Started Justice Solutions

At the core of our mission, Justice Solutions was founded on the understanding that legal aides and public defenders are the frontline defenders in determining whether an individual faces incarceration. We recognize the critical role these professionals play in the justice system and the immense pressures they encounter in their efforts to secure fair outcomes for their clients. Our aim with Justice Solutions is to equip these dedicated advocates with a tool that amplifies their ability to make a significant difference—enhancing their capacity to manage cases efficiently, advocate effectively, and secure better futures for the people they represent. By providing a robust, intuitive platform, we strive to support these vital community pillars in their mission to prevent unjust imprisonment and foster a more equitable legal landscape.


Comprehensive Report Generation: Automatically produce detailed reports to support legal advocacy

Employment and Service Navigation: Easily locate and connect clients with relevant job opportunities and support services.

Progress Tracking: Meticulously monitor and document the progress of clients in external programs.

Case Management: Efficiently manage client cases with integrated tools designed for legal professionals.

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Experience the future of legal case management with Justice Solutions. Our beta program offers a unique opportunity to be among the first to explore the capabilities of our innovative CRM platform designed for legal aides and public defenders. Here's what you can expect: