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Reentry Technology

Revolutionizing the path back to society with innovative solutions that streamline the reintegration process for justice-impacted individuals. Our technology empowers, connects, and supports, ensuring a smoother transition into community and workforce.

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Fair Chance Hiring

Revolutionizing Reentry: Our technology transforms how reentry organizations connect clients with fair chance employment.

Advanced Algorithms: Utilizing sophisticated algorithms to match justice-impacted individuals with suitable job opportunities.

Comprehensive Databases: Leveraging extensive databases to provide a wide range of job options.

Empowering Justice-Impacted Individuals: Ensuring access to employment where past backgrounds are seen as pathways to potential, not barriers.



Empowering Reentry: Comprehensive Wraparound Support

Reentry management with Untapped Solutions, your all-in-one platform for coordinating services, care, employment, and life tracking. Designed to make reentry organizations' work more efficient and effective, our technology streamlines the reintegration process, ensuring a smoother transition for returning citizens.


Empowering Reentry: Provides a one-stop shop for comprehensive wraparound services, facilitating holistic support for justice-impacted individuals.

Life Tracking Features: Monitors and supports individuals' progress in real-time, facilitating better outcomes in their reentry journey.

Empowering Reentry Organizations: Simplifies operations, saves time, and enhances the ability to deliver impactful results, making every step of reentry manageable and more successful.

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