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Empower Your Mission with Untapped CRM

Transforming Social Impact with Smart Technology

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Unleashing the power of technology to transform social services and magnify impact.
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Revolutionizing Client  Management

Untapped CRM is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for organizations. Seamlessly integrating as a plugin with your existing systems, our CRM is designed to elevate your client management experience. Leveraging AI and ML, Untapped CRM brings predictive insights and efficient data processing to your fingertips.

  • Client Management: Efficient tracking and communication.
  • AI Job Referrals: Access to 100,000+ jobs with smart matching.
  • Service Referrals: AI-guided connections to essential services.
  • Mobile Portal: Direct client access via mobile.
  • Detailed Client Data Impact Report: Advanced reporting tool providing in-depth analysis of client progress, outcomes, and program effectiveness.
  • Donor Management: Comprehensive donor engagement tools (Coming Soon).
    Volunteer Management: Streamlined volunteer coordination (Coming Soon).

Streamlined Client Interactions and Care Coordination

Revolutionize the way you manage client care with our advanced CRM. Experience the ease of streamlining interactions and coordinating comprehensive care services. Our platform is intricately designed to adapt to the multifaceted needs of modern social work, providing you with the tools to enhance client relationships and deliver exceptional support across all areas of service, from housing to healthcare and education.

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Smart Technology for Faster Impact

Empower your decision-making with AI-driven analytics and ML-powered insights. Untapped AI's advanced technology helps you find the right jobs and services, while also providing top-notch data on clients.

Designed by Former Case Workers

At the heart of Untapped CRM lies a deep understanding of the social work landscape, shaped by those who know it best. Our founder, a former case worker, alongside a team of seasoned social work professionals, ensures our CRM stands apart. We're not just another CRM; we're a platform built upon real-world insights and ongoing collaboration with current case and social workers. This unique approach allows us to continually refine and enhance Untapped CRM, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of the social work community


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