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Showcasing Our Impact: Untapped Solutions in the Media


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 Highlights Untapped Solutions' mission to help formerly incarcerated individuals find employment, emphasizing the founder Andre Peart's personal journey and the platform's role in reducing recidivism.

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Empowering the Untapped

Andre Peart's Untapped Solutions, initially ConConnect, aids formerly incarcerated individuals in job and resource finding. Launched in 2020, it expanded to assist various underserved groups, evolving into Untapped Solutions. Featured in Techstars and Venture Atlanta, it now serves broader populations, backed by Google for Startups, enhancing its tech and brand reach.

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From prison to progress:

Andre Peart, CEO of Untapped Solutions, shares his journey from overcoming personal challenges to founding the platform, aimed at aiding the formerly incarcerated with job placements and essential services. His story, featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, highlights the innovative approach of Untapped Solutions in leveraging technology to support reentry and reduce recidivism, reflecting Peart's vision of empowering the "untapped" potential within marginalized communities.

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The birth of Untapped Solutions.

The article on PRA Inc. showcases how Untapped Solutions is at the forefront of inclusive innovation, leveraging technology to support employment for formerly incarcerated individuals. It highlights the platform's role in breaking down barriers to reentry, emphasizing its impact in fostering successful workforce integration and reducing recidivism through tailored job matching and support services.

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Interested in featuring us?

Explore how Untapped Solutions uses technology to bridge the gap between untapped talent and employers. Our story showcases inclusive hiring and the modernization of social services. Contact us for an inspiring feature on connecting diverse candidates with employers and empowering social services with innovative tech solutions.