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Connect with Exceptional Talent

Unlock your next star hire with Untapped Solutions and harness the power of untapped potential.

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Driving business excellence by connecting visionary employers with untapped talent
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Why Choose Untapped Job Board?

At Untapped Solutions, our ethos is rooted in the power of unlocking potential. Our job board transcends traditional hiring; it's a conduit connecting you to a vibrant spectrum of skilled, diverse, and driven professionals, each one a catalyst poised to elevate your organization's success.

  • Job Posting: Easily publish and manage job listings to attract a diverse pool of candidates.
  • Smart Matching Technology: Utilize our AI-driven system to match with candidates suited to your company’s needs.
  • Resources for New Hires: Access a suite of resources to support your hires, from onboarding to continued development.
  • Second Chance Employer Community: Join a network committed to providing opportunities for individuals seeking a second chance.

About Us

Untapped Solutions, with the backing of industry giant Google, serves as a pioneering bridge connecting progressive employers with justice-impacted individuals and various underrepresented groups. Our platform is designed to facilitate inclusive hiring practices, thereby fostering a diverse workforce that benefits both businesses and communities alike. By harnessing the power of technology and a deep understanding of the systemic barriers faced by these populations, Untapped Solutions aims to create a more equitable job market.

Our mission is to empower employers to recognize and harness the potential of these untapped talents, contributing to a more diverse, dynamic, and inclusive workplace. In turn, this initiative helps drive economic growth, reduce recidivism, and promote social equity by providing meaningful employment opportunities to those who are often overlooked. Through collaboration with Google and other partners, Untapped Solutions is not only reshaping the hiring landscape but also strengthening the fabric of our communities, proving that diversity is not just a metric to achieve but a resource to be valued and uplifted.

Untapped Solutions

Be Part of the Fair Chance Employer Network

Align your brand with a network dedicated to transformative hiring practices. By joining our community of second-chance employers, you embrace the potential of justice-impacted individuals, recognizing the value and resilience they bring to your company. Together, let's redefine the workforce, championing growth and opportunity for those seeking a fresh start

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Collaborate with Leading Workforce Organizations

Employers can tap into a pool of highly qualified referral applicants by collaborating with leading workforce organizations. These partnerships provide access to a stream of candidates who have undergone skills development and personal growth programs, making them job-ready and an excellent fit for various roles. By working closely with workforce agencies, employers gain a competitive edge in finding top talent quickly and efficiently.


Elevate Your Hiring Efforts

Ready to find the perfect candidates? Discover how Untapped Solutions can empower your hiring process.